Alumni of Valwood School go on to attend a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the US, in addition to pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors and military service. They positively affect the world around them in many diverse fields, including healthcare, law, education, professional athletics, business, and fine arts.

All Valwood alumni are automatically members of the Valwood Alumni Association which seeks to preserve the unique culture and traditions of the Valwood experience. The alumni association encourages connectivity and ongoing support among its members.

Alumni Council

The Valwood Alumni Council is comprised of dedicated alumni who share their expertise and enthusiasm throughout the year as they plan alumni events and programs. Chartered in 2015, the goal of the council is to locate and engage our 1800 plus alumni throughout the world. We have succeeded in more than doubling the accurate data for alumni and in conjunction, have increased participation at alumni events. We thank all of these members for their service to the school!

Valwood Alumni Council Members

Conner Thomson (Class of 1975)
Robin Carter Coleman (Class of 1977), President
Bill Taylor (Class of 1981)
Star Hollis Waldron (Class of 1982)
Catherine Hutchinson Daugharty (Class of 1994)
Katherine Mathis Trickett (Class of 1994)
Mendi Ray Griner (Class of 1994)
Jacob Cocke (Class of 2001)
Curry Thomas Anderson (Class of 2002)
Wade Henry (Class of 2005)
Rob Blanton (Class of 2011)
Susanna Dover Harris (Class of 2000) – Valwood Representative
Courtney Matthews – Valwood Representative

Young Alumni Association

The Valwood Young Alumni Association was created in 2016 as a bridge between Valwood and its newest alumni. Former Valwood students who have graduated in the last decade are automatically members of the YAA. With this new chapter formed under the Valwood Alumni Association, a focus will be placed on additional targeted programming and giving participation at a more comfortable level. Young Alumni now make up approximately 35% of the alumni association population as class sizes have grown over the years. Enjoy the benefits of networking with other alumni, staying connected to Valwood, and establishing new friendships along the way.

Young Alumni Giving: Every Gift Matters!

As former students of Valwood, you recognize the importance of funding beyond tuition. Support on all levels is essential to the future growth and development of this campus and its students. Valwood is proud to have committed alumni that realize the importance of consistent giving. Young Alumni giving is essential as it begins the basis for future support that Valwood can rely on in years to come. Continue the tradition by becoming a member of the newly formed YAA giving club, the 1968 Society.

1968 Society

Young Alumni Supporting the Annual Fund

Valwood was chartered in 1968, and in keeping with the school’s rich history of generosity, the 1968 Society has been formed to celebrate gifts to the school by members of the Young Alumni Association who are beginning their tradition of generosity.

Donating to the 1968 Society to support the Annual Fund creates flexible, unrestricted resources for Valwood leadership to spend annually. Many donors give specifically to funds that provide scholarships, academic programs, building needs and much more. However, these gifts enable the leadership to create financial sustainability for our institution thus not touching tuition dollars or increasing tuition. Increased sustainability only enhances the value of your degree and opportunities for future generations. Every Gift Matters!

Valwood Believes in Itself

Every year, Valwood faculty and staff have a 100% giving rate to the Annual Fund! They believe in the institution they serve and can attest to the quality of education our students receive.

Donors = Diversity

Growing financial needs of our students require more assistance. Any gifts to Valwood help free up funds that can go to helping out students that need it most!

Alumni Programming and School Pride

Valwood has embarked on renewed efforts towards alumni programming. With increased events and participation, Valwood Alumni are showing their pride more than ever! Giving is another way to show your vote of confidence in your school and celebrate future generations!

Financial Impact

Everyone agrees that the “new” campus is spectacular. It was a huge need that was able to be realized with the support and commitment of numerous donors and community partnerships. Valwood continues to be committed to its debt reduction plan which monies from Annual Fund contribute to each year. The long-term goal of debt reduction is working well and prevents increases in tuition.

Document Request

The below information provides you with information on how to request transcripts and other documents.

Transcript requests for college applications must be made through your Naviance account. Test scores for college applications must be requested directly from the testing agency (ACT or College Board).

Transcript requests may be made through Parchment transcript services.

See for Yourself

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