GOAL Contributors

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2023 GOAL Scholarship Program!

Ron and Jennifer Allen

Fernando and Caryn Alvarado

Mark and Morgan Bassford

Ben and Jan Blanton

Vallye Blanton

Josh and Heather Bohannon

Steve and Lynn Browning

Matt and Lauren Califf

Frank and Rebecca Carter

Jeff and Sonya Collins

Kevin and Shelly Collins

Colonial Bag Company

Colony Bank

Sherry Colvin

Glenn and Vickie Coleman

William and Lavonia Cowles

John and Tanya Davis

Marvin and Jacquelyn Dickey

Nicholas and Erin Dodson

Jeremy and Amy Doss

Danny and Samantha DeMersseman

Mike and Martha Dover

Ray and Tracy Evans

Tony and Elizabeth Flail

Eric and Stephanie Gee

Gary and Bunny Glover

Tim and Susanna Harris

Jack and Lisa Henry

Mark and Elizabeth Howell

Jerry and Dedra Hughes

Jim and Josette Ingram

Ashley and Amanda Johnson

Paul and Judith Joseph

Dan and Melanie Kerrigan

John and Suzanne Lastinger

Bobbie Lester

Jeff and Lori Lovell

Mac and Susan Mackey

Phil and Elice Martin

Erik and Rosa Martinsen

Robert and Corne Maydell

Mercer Hughes Real Estate Group, Inc.

Dutton and Donna Miller

Jimmy and Marriott Miller

Martin and Laura Miller

John and Jane Peeples

Bill and Cindy Pegg

Kim and Laura Perlman

Mark and Paige Perry

Sunil and Shelly Persaud

Kenneth and Staci Register

Renasant Bank

Jim and Sharon Respess

Stephen Rice

Daniel and Heather Schert

Ferrell and Pam Scruggs

Jim and Deann Scruggs

Jeff and Jenny Sikes

JD Smith

Jay and Amy Smith

Jeff and Amy Smith

Larry Smith and Charlene Blache

Greg and Laura Soshnik

Brad and Sarah Soshnik

Jodie and Vickie Stevens

Joel Stites

John and Angela Swilley

Blake and Laci Taylor

Richard and Denice Terry

Bubba and Charlotte Thomas

Harrison Tillman and Jan Loeffler

Sims and Janda Turner

Wright and Betsy Turner

Mala Vallotton

Rouse and Lynn Vallotton

Star Waldron

Don and Becky Wetherington

John and Mary Margaret Williams

Ryan and Robyn Williams

Stewart and Barbara Williams

Justin and Meghan Womack

Todd and Wendy Woodruff

Eddie and Susan York

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