Dual Enrollment

Valwood partners with Wiregrass Georgia Technical College to offer Valwood seniors the opportunity to dual enroll in college courses taught on our campus. Tuition, fees and textbooks are provided through the Dual Enrollment Program.  Dual Enrollment allows students to earn credit for college core courses while also satisfying Valwood’s graduation credit requirements. 

About Dual Enrollement

Dual Enrollment courses are FREE.

Dual Enrollment courses do NOT factor into the Valwood GPA.

Dual Enrollment courses DO factor into HOPE and are awarded the same quality points (+.5) as AP and IB courses in the HOPE GPA calculation.

Valwood offers specific courses on our campus, but students may also choose to take other Dual Enrollment courses independently. It is important that you seek prior approval for any courses that you want to take independently if you hope to have them meet our graduation requirements, otherwise they will simply be elective courses.

The following Dual Enrollment courses will be offered on Valwood’s campus in 2020-2021, if the college’s minimum enrollment target (approximately 18-25) is met:

FALL 2020
*ENGL 1101/1102 Combined:  Advanced Composition  & British Literature
^MATH 1111- College Algebra
-POLS 1101 – American Government


PSYCH 1101/SPEECH 1101 Combined: Basic Psychology and Public Speaking
^MATH 1113- Precalculus
-ECON 1101 – Microeconomics
* ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 are paired courses, with successful completion of ENGL 1101 being a prerequisite for ENGL 1102.
^ MATH 1111 and MATH 1113 are paired courses, with successful completion of MATH 1111 being a prerequisite for MATH 1113.
– Speech, Government and Economics are required to meet Valwood Graduation requirements

Admission Requirements

Any student grades 11 & 12 qualify for ALL Wiregrass Dual Enrollment courses with a HOPE GPA of 2.6 (no rounding at all).  You can check your HOPE GPA on GaFutures;  all Juniors have current and updated HOPE GPA’s.  If you do not meet the 2.6 HOPE GPA the following PSAT or SAT subscores (found on your PSAT/SAT Score Reports and on your college board account):
ECON: SAT R14, W13 and M 16
Click here for more detailed Wiregrass score information.

Students should take BOTH the SAT and the ACT at least twice by the end of the 11th grade year, preferably between January and June, so that scores are available for both Dual Enrollment and the college admission process in fall of the senior year.

Application and Enrollment

How do I apply for Dual Enrollment?

Step 1:  Complete an Application for Dual Enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Students taking classes  should complete the Wiregrass Dual Enrollment Application packet which will include all of the required forms needed to participate in the program. The packet will also be handed out at your High School or print the application:

This packet must be returned to the counselor by the stated deadline.

Step 2: All Dual Enrollment students will be asked to go onto the GAFutures website to apply for their financial aid. Once a student has done this, his/her high school counselor will then add the approved classes in Stars, and the Wiregrass Financial Aid office will approve the courses. All Dual Enrollment students must complete the online Dual Enrollment funding application each semester they are enrolled at the college; failure to do so will result in them being billed for their Wiregrass classes. 


Grades and Transferring Credit

Per the requirements of Georgia’s Dual Enrollment program, Valwood records the course name, grade and credit earned in all Dual Enrollment courses on the Valwood transcript.

Valwood will provide the high school transcript and test scores to Wiregrass for admission, as well as the Proof of Lawful Presence for enrollment.
You will be assigned to a Valwood course until the Dual enrollment process is complete. Once you are offered admission by the college, the Dual Enrollment course will be added to your Valwood schedule. 
Transferability is dependent on many factors, including major.  

Passing Grades and Earning Credit

Students must earn a 70 or higher in Wiregrass courses in order for the credit to be transferable to another institution.  

Transfering Credit

To have Dual Enrollment course credit transferred to another university, you must request and pay for your transcript to be sent directly to the college by either Valdosta State or Wiregrass, as appropriate. Click the links below for the request forms:  

For more information please visit these sites:

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