A College Counselor’s “Words of Wisdom”

The following thoughts are a collection of several of the basic principles that we believe are important for families to understand as they go through the College Selection Process.

  • Parents should keep in mind that the student should do the vast majority of the work involved in the “College Selection & Application Process” with your gentle encouragement. If the student does not ‘own this process,’ he is less likely to accept his responsibility for the outcome.
  • Keep in mind there is no “one and only” college for any student. There are quite a few good institutions that will meet each student’s needs and preferences. It is simply your job to help your student identify ONE of these appropriate colleges.
  • Your student is UNIQUE. They are not you, nor are they their brother, sister or friend. The school they decide on should meet their needs and qualifications, taking into consideration the entire family’s situation. A school that was good for a friend or relative may or may not be a good one for your student.
  • The whole purpose of the College Selection Process is to find for the student what is called the “best fit.” College characteristics like size, location, competitiveness, cost, social climate, availability of programs/services/activities/majors, etc. all go into determining this proper “fit.”
  • Most students who leave or transfer colleges do so because it didn’t “feel right” or “they did not like it there,” which is another way of saying that it was not the right “fit.” Seldom do they leave because it cost too much, was too difficult, or didn’t have the major they wanted. Therefore, this “fit” concept is very important!
  • Try to be REALISTIC! Help your student select colleges whose admission, academic, or athletic standards are consistent with his/her ability, achievement, and preferences.

Testing Dates

The SAT and ACT are both valuable assessment tools, but they are different from one another. It’s important to know how they differ before you take the tests. Check out this SAT vs. ACT comparison to learn more.


2019-2020 SAT TEST DATES

SAT Register By Late (fee)
August 24* July 26 August 6/13
October 5* Sept. 6 Sept. 17/24
November 2 October 3 October 15/22
December 7* November 8 November 19/26
March 14* February 14 February 25/March 3
May 2 April 3 April 14/21
June 6* May 8 May 19/27

Click here for more registration information.

2019-2020 ACT TEST DATES

ACT Register By Late (fee)
September 14* August 16 Aug. 27-30
October 26 Sept. 20 Sept. 24-Oct. 4
December 14 November 8 Nov. 9-22
February 8 January 10 Jan. 11-17
April 4* Feb. 28 Feb. 29-March 13
June 13 May 8 May 9-22
July 18 June 19 June 20-26


When registering online for the SAT or ACT remember that Valwood’s physical address is HAHIRA, GA.
Valwood’s CEEB school code is 113096.

The SAT codes for the closest test centers are:

  • Valwood School – Test Center #11699
  • Valdosta State University – Test Center #11700 – all test dates
  • Lowndes High School – Test Center #11695
  • TIFTON: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College – Test Center #11675
  • THOMASVILLE: Thomasville County Central High – Test Center #11669

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