Working together with trust and open communication, Valwood School experienced a successful 2020-21 academic year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began over Spring Break in 2020, our primary goal has been, and will continue to be, operating safely and providing a healthy and positive learning environment for our teachers and students. Our genuine hope is that this will be the last time we need  to share atypical plans to start a school year; however, we will continue to be vigilant and do what is best for our community. 

A tremendous strength of Valwood School is our varying viewpoints and diversity of opinions on a variety of  topics. Our position is to find the sensible and safe middle ground to keep our community healthy and moving forward in an appropriate and positive fashion. As we make these difficult decisions for our school, please know that we learn as much as possible, follow professional guidance, and find the best path for our school family. However, families must also make important decisions for their own health and welfare. 

These guidelines are posted above and below. Please consider this plan as an addendum to our Student & Family Handbook for the 2021-22 school year. 

We are grateful for everyone’s support and understanding as we look ahead to a new school year, and please know that these plans may need to change if the situation around us changes dramatically. The entire 2021-2022 calendar and daily protocols may have to be modified during the year to accommodate circumstances or the spread of COVID-19. 


CDC Guidelines: Sick & Quarantine

COVID Commander – Val Gallahan:

Director of Technology – Jessica Warren:

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Brian Dawson
Neurology, Chief of Staff
South Georgia Medical Center

Dr. Eric Gee
Valdosta Orthopedic Associates

Dr. Brian Griner
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Griner Medical Group

Dr. Billy Tidmore
Valdosta Specialty Clinic

Dr. Michael Clark
Orthopedic Surgeon
Valdosta Orthopedic Association

Dr. Terry Persaud 
Pain Management
Premier Pain Management

Dr. Ben Hogan
Family Medicine

Dr. Dan Schert
Rehabilitation Counselor

Mrs. Katherine Freeman
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Renewed Mind Psychiatry & Counseling

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