Young Alumni Association

The Valwood Young Alumni Association was created in 2016 as a bridge between Valwood and its newest alumni. Former Valwood students who have graduated in the last decade are automatically members of the YAA. With this new chapter formed under the Valwood Alumni Association, a focus will be placed on additional targeted programming and giving participation at a more comfortable level. Young Alumni now make up approximately 35% of the alumni association population as class sizes have grown over the years. Enjoy the benefits of networking with other alumni, staying connected to Valwood, and establishing new friendships along the way.

Young Alumni Giving: Every Gift Matters!

As former students of Valwood, you recognize the importance of funding beyond tuition. Support on all levels is essential to the future growth and development of this campus and its students. Valwood is proud to have committed alumni that realize the importance of consistent giving. Young Alumni giving is essential as it begins the basis for future support that Valwood can rely on in years to come. Continue the tradition by becoming a member of the newly formed YAA giving club, the 1968 Society.

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We invite you to explore Valwood through our website, but the best way to learn more about our school’s mission and approach is to visit us. We hold admissions coffee-and-tour sessions monthly where you will learn about our curriculum and extracurricular programs, and you will also be able to see first-hand our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art facilities.

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