Scholar Athletes

Valwood School’s student athletes continue to maintain excellent grades while excelling in their respective sports. This is quite an accomplishment, as sports take up a great deal of time.

Congratulations to the 67 fall and winter scholar athletes who made the Headmaster’s List and the Merit Roll for the fall of 2019! The Headmaster’s List is a prestigious academic category composed of Middle and Upper School students who have a 90 percent or better in all academic subjects. The Merit Roll is composed of students who have an 85 average in all academic subjects with no grade lower than 80 percent.


Worth Kimbro – Headmaster List

Clark Miller – Headmaster List

Zach Paulk – Headmaster List

Robbie Backe – Merit Roll

Aalah Brown – Merit Roll

Blaine Cooper – Merit Roll

Scott Giddens – Merit Roll

Pate Hogan – Merit Roll

Bay Moorman – Merit Roll

Mason Williams – Merit Roll


Paige Bland – Headmaster List

Elizabeth Evans – Headmaster List

Laura Ashlee McRae – Headmaster List

Madison Miller – Headmaster List

Laney Rice – Headmaster List

Camille Singletary – Headmaster List

Ellie Smith – Headmaster List

Sarah Kate Call – Merit Roll

Carsen Jane Carter – Merit Roll

Emma Lavender – Merit Roll

Laura Ashlee McRae – Merit Roll

Haley Neloms – Merit Roll

Ansley Nijem – Merit Roll

Clare Nijem – Merit Roll

Alexandra Peeples – Merit Roll

Clancy Claire Perry – Merit Roll

Hannah Sable – Merit Roll

Smith Shaw – Merit Roll

Lily Ward – Merit Roll


Natalie Rojas – Headmaster List

Graceigh Booth – Merit Roll

Lindsey Browning – Merit Roll

Kaysie Goff – Merit Roll

Mary Clare Martin – Merit Roll

Clare Nijem – Merit Roll

Ranada Vinson – Merit Roll


Antonio Delvecchio – Merit Roll


Chloe Lynn Collins – Headmaster List

Charlotte Griner – Headmaster List

Mary Claire Griner – Headmaster List

Isabella McMurray – Headmaster List

Gracyn Sanderlin – Headmaster List

Chesley Wetherington – Headmaster List

Anna Alvarado – Merit Roll

Ellie Griner – Merit Roll

Lenley Gross – Merit Roll

Ashley Lindsey – Merit Roll

Catriona Moore – Merit Roll

Lilly Respess – Merit Roll

Makayla Yates – Merit Roll

Cross Country

Brenna Clark – Headmaster List

Jordan Green – Headmaster List

Millie Hollis – Headmaster List

Hayes Perry – Headmaster List

Antonio Delvecchio – Merit Roll

Jolie Green – Merit Roll

Coleman Yates – Merit Roll


Eli Pay – Headmaster List

Madison Shapiro – Headmaster List

Demonte Taylor – Headmaster List

Alec Brannen – Merit Roll

Kaysie Goff – Merit Roll

Allen Harris – Merit Roll

John Wells Lester – Merit Roll

Bowen Patrick – Merit Roll

Nate Williams – Merit Roll


Madeline Castor – Headmaster List

Anabelle Melendez – Headmaster List

Ryan Rackley – Headmaster List

Coleman Yates – Merit Roll

Makayla Yates – Merit Roll

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