Tuition & Financial Aid

An education from Valwood School requires an investment, and Valwood is committed to working with our families to make our education affordable. Read more about your options below and scroll down to find out how to apply for financial assistance and to see our tuition table.

We offer a financial assistance program that includes two main categories:

Betty Googe Scholarship

For over thirty years, Betty Googe taught and led at Valwood School, inspiring a generation of students and teachers with her compassion, wisdom and unwavering commitment to high academic standards. The impact she had on the school and on all of the students and faculty who came to Valwood to learn and work each day during her tenure is nothing short of profound. It is in honor of this legacy that the Betty Googe Academic Scholarship program was established.

These half-tuition merit scholarships are available to a limited number of middle and upper school students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and strong character. Individuals who will at graduation, as Betty Googe encouraged, “inspire and serve others and explode outward the boundaries of what is achievable on this earth.”

Googe Scholars whose ongoing work demonstrates a continued commitment to high achievement and integrity are able to retain their scholarships through to graduation. Donations fund the Betty Googe Scholarships and allow Valwood to pass on Betty Googe’s love of learning. Please click here to donate to the Scholarship online. We appreciate your part in continuing her legacy of academic excellence.

Need-Based Financial Assistance

Supports different income levels in an effort to increase affordability for a wide range of families.

Requires completion of the FACTS Grant & Aid Application.

Families are always responsible for a portion of Valwood’s tuition.

Once awarded, the percentage of the award is unlikely to increase in subsequent years unless significant and unexpected financial reversal is demonstrated.

While we will make every effort to be helpful in the case of circumstances beyond a family’s control (for example, loss of job or unexpected illness) with a limited financial aid budget, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet the new financial need of these families as no pre-existing budget is set aside for such circumstances.

Is not available for Pre-Kindergarten.

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