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Parent Guide to Valwood School Lunch Program 2020/2021

Fresh, New approach to Food Service

We are excited to introduce a fresh, new approach to the Valwood School food and beverage services. As your new food service provider, Pepi is thrilled to serve the students and faculty at Valwood! From new menu concepts, a new layout and look to the facilities, new payment options, and our promise and commitment to create better value and healthy selections for your child daily – Pepi Foods is proud to partner with Valwood School in the upcoming school year.

Daily menus will include some traditional favorites, fast food selections and healthy alternatives, as well as grab-n-go sandwiches and such. Our heartbeat and commitment are the best at providing convenient, fresh, and nutritional foods served by a trained and friendly staff.

A very important change for the Valwood family is the introduction of the new Pepi more card for use in the cafeteria. This is a pre-loaded card that provides you a great convenience and freedom to tailor your family’s lunch program to meet YOUR needs. The Pepi more card program offers families 24/7 access to track their students spending patterns for meals and snacks (middle/upper school), and make payments in a secure, seamless, and convenient online environment.

***Students will be able to pay with cash, credit/debit, or the pre-loaded Pepi more card. If choosing to use the pre-loaded Pepi more card, each student will need their own card. You will be contacted by a Pepi Foods representative if you are unable to set up cards at the Valwood scheduled Orientations and Open House next week. The pre-loaded lunch card will be a convenient way for students to have money available to purchase break and lunch without a need to carry around cash, credit cards or debit cards. Settings for the pre-loaded cards are as follows:

  • AUTO REPLENISH – This will automatically replenish your students lunch card by a set amount when it gets below a set amount. The amounts are set by you. Credit/Debit card information must be entered at time of set up. THIS METHOD RECOMMENDED TO ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD ALWAYS HAS FUNDS FOR LUNCH. You will be
    notified each time funds are replenished.
  • MANUAL REPLENISH – This will require you to go in manually each time you wish to replenish money on your
    student’s card. Credit/Debit card information must be entered by you at time of each replenishment.

more Visibility – Parents can receive an email receipt each time their student(s) make a purchase. (If you prefer not to receive email receipts, this can be simply turned off in the settings menu of your more portal.) Email address required during set up instead of phone number for this feature to work.
more Accessibility – Parents can manage their student’s accounts, view transaction history and more anytime,anywhere through secure and convenient, online portal: www.pepifoods.com

Food Safety in the midst of the Pandemic
Food Safety has always been top priority for our customers and team and has been enhanced as we go through this
pandemic. Our team is following all the up to date CDC guidelines for safely serving. Masks are worn during all prep,
cooking, and serving times. Gloves are worn during transactions at the register as well as through our serving lines. All self-service is suspended during this time, including fountain machines. Only bottled drinks will be available for purchase. Hand sanitizer pumps will be available at the registers for customer use. Condiments will be handed out in packet form as well as pre-package cutlery. All hot spot/touch points will be sanitized throughout the day. Limited menu and break items will be served to maintain social distancing as well as bringing efficiency in timing for your student to enjoy their break.

Pepi Customer Service Reps are available to answer questions about activating and managing your account.
They may be reached during business hours via phone: 800.356.4068 or email: pepiservice@pepifoods.com 24/7

See for Yourself

We invite you to explore Valwood through our website, but the best way to learn more about our school’s mission and approach is to visit us. We hold admissions coffee-and-tour sessions monthly where you will learn about our curriculum and extracurricular programs, and you will also be able to see first-hand our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art facilities.

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