Board of Trustees

Our board is truly dedicated to the future of Valwood School.

The individuals who volunteer their time to serve on the board provide diverse skills and perspectives. They share a deep personal commitment to the school’s mission and long-term financial health.

The strength of the board lies in identifying issues and challenges that will impact the school while creating and implementing strategies to provide thoughtful solutions.

Each board member is honored to serve our school community and enhance the Valwood experience.


Board of Trustees – Executive Committee

John Peeples* – Chair

Caryn Alvarado – Vice Chair

Samantha DeMersseman – Secretary

Cavan Perry – Treasurer

Daniel Schert* – Immediate Past Chair

Brad Soshnik – Chairman’s Choice

Trustees 2021 – 2022

Caryn Alvarado

Jonathan Burns

Jennifer Carter (VPA President)

Shelly Collins

Samantha Demersseman

Molly Ferrier*

Dr. Eric Gee

Mike Godwin

Clay Griner

Judy Hathcock

Lisa Henry

Maranda Houston

Daniel Kerrigan

Marriott Miller

Joanna Nijem

Dorothy Ofori

John Peeples*

Cavan Perry

Daniel Schert*

Brad Soshnik

Katherine Trickett*

John Williams

*indicates Valwood Alumni

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We invite you to explore Valwood through our website, but the best way to learn more about our school’s mission and approach is to visit us. We hold admissions coffee-and-tour sessions monthly where you will learn about our curriculum and extracurricular programs, and you will also be able to see first-hand our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art facilities.

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