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Valwood expands book tastings

October 11, 2019

HAHIRA – Multiple classrooms in the Valwood lower school were transformed into “Book Cafes” or “Book Tailgates” for book tastings.

Book tastings are “a great, exciting way for young readers to sample different authors, genres and series,” school officials. “The first-, fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms were decorated in a restaurant-like setting and divided into stations.”

Each table was set with a book at every plate and an extra stack of books in the center. Students took a seat and sampled the book in front of them. The students made notes of the title and genre of their book and spent a few minutes browsing.

They recorded their observations and made note of whether or not they want to add the book to their final menu. They rotated the books around the table and then rotated around to each station sampling multiple authors and genres along the way.

“It was fun way to get students out of their comfort zones an engaged in new reading opportunities,” school officials said.

“My favorite genre that I sampled in the book tasting was mystery, because they’re great adventures with clues and questions that you yourself can try figure out the answer to and try to solve it,” said Kreea Chakraborty, a fourth-grade student.