Valwood in the News

GA Power Good Citizens – 1st Quarter

October 29, 2015

Recipients of the Georgia Power Good Citizenship Awards were announced on October 16th at Valwood’s Lower School Friday Flag program. Mr. Scott Haner of Georgia Power presented the awards to the students who were chosen by their teachers. The awards are given to students exhibiting character traits such as honesty, integrity, empathy for fellow students and respect for teachers and one another.

1st Grade: Tanner Day, Rumi Garbett-Chitram
2nd Grade: Kyndal Register, Louden Castor, Owen Williams, Harper Dasher
3rd Grade: Ellie Carlock, Grant Moss, Sienna Persaud, Michael Matchett…
4th Grade: Berkley Burns, Wyatt Thomas, Liv Wainwright, Wesley Clark
5th Grade: Tonya Brinkley, Ash Patel