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First Quarter Ga. Power Good Citizenship Award Winners Announced

February 16, 2015

Recipients of the Georgia Power Good Citizenship Awards were announced on October 3rd at Valwood’s Lower School Friday Flag program. Mr. Scott Haner of Georgia Power presented the awards to the students who were chosen by their teachers. The awards are given to students exhibiting character traits such as honesty, integrity, empathy for fellow students and respect for teachers and one another.

1st Grade: Annabel Musgrove, Campbell Shaw

2nd Grade: Alberto Garcia, Jacqueline Wang, Hannah Lissimore

3rd Grade: Ben Tyrone, Ella Burnette, Mary Todd Parramore, Aaron Thomas

4th Grade: Tanya Brinkley, Gatlin Stevens

5th Grade: Cadence Hatfield, Ruby Parrish, Ross Dawson


Front row (L to R): Annabel Musgrove, Alberto Garcia, Campbell Shaw, Jacqueline Wang, Hannah Lissimore
Back row (L to R): Ben Tyrone, Ella Burnett, Mary Todd Parramore, Aaron Thomas, Tanya Brinkley, Gatlin Stevens, Cadence Hatfield, Ruby Parrish, Ross Dawson