Soccer Middle School Boys


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JL NEWBERN Away • 5:30 am

BERRIEN (Home) 02/22/18 5:00 am
DEERFIELD (Home) 02/23/18 6:00 am
PALM COAST TOURN. (Away) 02/24/18 TBA
GEORGIA CHRISTIAN (Home) 03/12/18 5:15 am
ST JOHN (Home) 03/15/18 5:15 am
ST JOHN (Home) 03/28/18 5:15 am
DEERFIELD (Away) 03/30/18 6:00 am
middle school boys soccer team

Coaching Staff

Adam Murphy - Head Coach


Howell Burns 7th
Wesley Clark 5th
Joe Cochran 7th
James Gallagher 7th
Jimmy Garcia 7th
Jordan Gatlin 5th
Alex Gee 5th
Will Gee 7th
Thomas Griner 5th
Ean Henry 6th
Evan LeBoutillier 7th
John Lester 8th
Bay Moorman 8th
Ash Patel 6th
Harris Sharon 8th
Swin Shaw 5th
Oscar Shute 5th
Dhruv Thanki 6th
Coleman Yates 6th

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