Middle School Girls Basketball


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Echols County Echols • 4:00 pm

Echols County (Home) 11/08/18 4:00 pm
Crisp (Cordele) 12/03/18 4:00 pm
Brookwood (Thomasville) 01/12/19 1:00 pm
Tiftarea (Home) 01/15/19 4:00 pm
Southland (Americus) 01/18/19 4:00 pm
Deerfield (Home) 01/22/19 4:00 pm


#00 Jolie Green 8th Guard
#1 Madeline Castor 8th Guard
#3 Kennedy Kimbro 8th Guard
#4 Ruby Parrish 8th Guard
#5 Smith Shaw 8th Guard
#10 Kelsey Warren 7th Forward
#11 Vinnie Wengert 8th Forward
#12 Makayla Yates 8th Guard
#13 Mary Paulk 7th Guard
#14 Lily Respess 7th Guard
#15 Anna Paulk 7th Guard/Forward
#20 Ebby Somers 7th Guard
#21 Easton Dean 7th Forward
#22 Ellie Griner 7th Forward
#23 Marleigh Carson 7th Guard
#24 Anna Alvarado 7th Guard
#25 Lexi Williams 8th Forward
#30 Jessica Hasty 7th Forward
#31 Mary Claire Griner 7th Guard/Forward
#32 Mary Clare Martin 8th Forward
#35 Jordan Green 8th Forward

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