Middle School Boys Basketball


Next Game:


Echols County Echols • 5:00 pm

Echols County (Home) 11/08/18 5:00 pm
Crisp (Cordele) 12/03/18 5:00 pm
Brookwood (Thomasville) 01/12/19 2:00 pm
Tiftarea (Home) 01/15/19 5:00 pm
Southland (Americus) 01/18/19 5:00 pm
Deerfield (Home) 01/22/19 5:00 pm

Coaching Staff

Adam Murphy - Head Coach (2nd Year) amurphy@valwood.org


Howell Burns Eighth
Samuel Clements Eighth
James Gallagher Eighth
Jack Greene Eighth
Matt Herndon Eighth
Hamilton Lacey Eighth
Christopher Manwell Eighth
Nate Williams Eighth
Dru Womack Eighth
Ash Patel Seventh
Bowen Patrick Seventh
Elijah Pay Seventh

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