All-Time Record – Pitching

All-Time Pitching Record Book

ERA – Season (Min. 18 IP)ERAYear
Joe Hopper1.892015
Will Buchanan2.222001
Rob McGhin2.241996
Jason Holcombe2.471997
Carter Karras2.272008
ERA – Season (Min. 50 IP)ERAYear
Jason Holcombe2.841997-98
Carter Karras3.072006-09
David Morgan3.452000-03
Tyler Richards3.772014-16
T. C. Armas3.892003-06
Strikeouts – SeasonK’sYear
Carter Karras1222009
Tyler Richards692015
Tyler Richards602014
Clayton Brady601999
Carter Karras522008
Strikeouts – CareerK’sYear
Carter Karras2092006-09
Tyler Richards1612014-16
David Morgan1482000-03
Clayton Brady1211997-99
T.C. Armas1092003-06
Innings Pitched – SeasonInningsYear
Carter Karras75.22009
Tyler Richards75.02015
Tyler Richards57.62014
Tyler Richards56.32016
Clayton Brady53.11999
Innings Pitched – CareerInningsYear
Tyler Richards189.02014-16
David Morgan152.02000-03
Carter Karras150.12006-09
T.C. Armas140.12003-06
Blake Evans112.12004-07
Wins – SeasonWinsYear
Tyler Richards92014
Tyler Richards82015
Tyler Richards72016
Maysoe Wiley62015
Carter Karras62009
Wins – CareerWinsYear
Tyler Richards242014-16
David Morgan162000-03
Carter Karras122006-09
Maysoe Wiley102015-16
Clayton Brady71997-99

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