2019-2020 Annual Fund Donors

2019-2020 Annual Fund Donors
As of January 15, 2020

Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, friends and trustees who have given:

Pre-Kindergarten: Chad ’03 and Val Gallahan, Justin and Jen Henderson, Steve and Nina Hinson, Adam and Maranda Houston, Adam and Jenna Murphy, Matthew and Kate Paylo, Andy ’98 and Brittany Stamschror, and Nathaniel and Teresa Wright.

Kindergarten: Michael and Jen Colom, Andy and Jeanna Ganas, Robert and Kimberly Green, Michael and Mary Hart, Paul and Mallory Lane, Trent ’00 and Courtney Matthews, Jimmy and Marriott Miller, Jared and Lizzie Sanders, Andy ’98 and Brittany Stamschror, and John and Mary Margaret Williams.

First Grade: Daniel and Tara Burgess, Sid Chakraborty and Pam Ghatak, Nic and Erin Dodson, Larry and Oleysa Kenzel, Rich and Ashley McMillan, Erik and Rosa Martinsen, Christopher and Danya Miller,  Rob and Emily Ryan, and Daniel and Heather Schert.

Second Grade: Michael and Betsy Backe, Preston and Melanie Coile, Danny and Samantha DeMersseman, Michael and Maggie ’02 Ferguson, Andy and Jeanna Ganas, John and Debbie Green, Brian and Pam Griner, Adam and Maranda Houston, Paul and Mallory Lane, Steve Miller and Nicole Douglas, Ryan and Kristi Moorman, Adam and Jenna Murphy, Billy and Joanna Nijem, Matthew and Kate Paylo, David Price, Mike and Katie Roxberry, Jared and Lizzie Sanders, Wes and Rozie Simpson, Andy ’98 and Brittany Stamschror, and James and Jessica Warren.

Third Grade: Eric and Renee Chambers, Preston and Melanie Coile, Tony and Megan Lightfoot, Jimmy and Marriott Miller, Billy and Joanna Nijem, and Brad and Sarah Soshnik.

Fourth Grade: Nearing and Sara Adams, Don and Karen Crump, Nic and Catherine Daugharty, J.D. and Kerri Dean, Steve and Cathy Fortson, Jim and Julie Godbee, Adam and Maranda Houston, Dave and Beth Houtz, Howard Hsu and Tamara Hardesty, Anne McLeod, Ryan and Kristi Moorman, and Ben and Wendy Neal. 

Fifth Grade: Freddie and Shayla Bajalia, Daniel and Tara Burgess, Michael and Jen Colom, Raymond and Tracy Evans, Danna Grimes, Brian and Pam Griner, Jason and Shelley Holloway, Jimmy and Tori Holmes, Larry and Oleysa Kenzel, Adam and Jenna Murphy, Samuel and Dorothy Ofori, Matthew and Kate Paylo, Daniel and Heather Schert, Brad and Sarah Soshnik, and James and Jessica Warren.

Sixth Grade: Fernando and Caryn Alvarado, David and Angela Burnett, Josh and Jenny Carroll, Preston and Melanie Coile, Kristen and Ashley Fielding, Robert and Kimberly Green, Jason and Shelley Holloway, Dan and Melanie Kerrigan, Ben and Wendy Neal, Kevin and Gayla Shaw, and John and Jody Williams.

Seventh Grade: Freddie and Shayla Bajalia, Terry and Leanne Griffin, Stevie and Cathy Matchett, Samuel and Dorothy Ofori, Matthew and Kate Paylo, Tia Sanderlin.

Eighth Grade: John and Dyan Backe, Tammy Brooks, David and Angela Burnett, Jonathan and Elizabeth Burns, Jeff and Sonya Collins, J.D. and Kerri Dean, Eric and Stephanie Gee, Jim and Julie Godbee, Clay and Mendi Griner ’94, Howard Hsu and Tamara Hardesty, Jason and Shelley Holloway, Dan and Melanie Kerrigan, John and Ashley Mays, Anne McLeod, Casey and Brooke Music, Rob and Emily Ryan, Jason and Lindsay Scarpate, Amanda Shapard, Kevin and Gayla Shaw, Chad and Allison Shenton, Max Shute and Jennifer Lambert Shute, Clint Smith, Larry Smith and Charlene Blache.

Ninth Grade: Fernando and Caryn Alvarado, Tim and Mindy Bland, Mike and Heidi Fafard, Kristen and Ashley Fielding, Larry and Oleysa Kenzel, Thomas and Wendy Miller, Casey and Brooke Music, Jeremy and Mikki Osha, Bipin and Jean Patel, Cavan and Dana Perry, Darren and Paula Rackley, Rouse and Lynn Vallotton, and Michael and Kelly Yates.

Tenth Grade: John and Dyan Backe, Brad and Hiroyo Bordes, Jonathan and Elizabeth Burns, Dale and Christi Clements, Nic and Catherine Daugharty, Daniel and Robin Deaver, Eric and Stephanie Gee, Clay and Mendi Griner, Calvin and Heidi Moody, Jody and Mary Peterman, Rob and Emily Ryan, Jason and Lindsay Scarpate, Billy Tidmore and Jennifer Lawrence, and James and Jessica Warren.

Eleventh Grade: Tim and Mindy Bland,Jamie and Ashley Brannen, Pearsall and Dana Fouraker, John and Debbie Green, Brian and Pam Griner, Bill and Marie Holland, Greg and Cate Hunter, Jason and Tracy Luong, Brett and Traycee Martin, Bipin and Jean Patel, John ’81 and Jane Peeples, Cavan and Dana Perry, Ray and Lorie Sable, Kevin and Gayla Shaw Jay and Amy Smith, and Michael and Kelly Yates.

Twelfth Grade: Lex and Donna Culbreth, Jason and Tracy Luong, Tia Sanderlin, Heath and Joanie Strickland, James and Jessica Warren, Kenneth and Susan White, Gary and Patricia Williams, Kevin and Cynamon Willis, Barry and Candace Witherspoon, and Shane and Wendy Wood.

Grandparents and Friends:

Ambling Properties, Astro, Robert Bordes, Mr. and Mrs. Kelsie Brady, Barbara Browning, Wes and Sandy Cain, Jimmy and Donna Callaway, Shirlee Carroll, Louis and LuAnne Cassotta, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chasteen, The Citizens Bank, Buddy and Sharon Coleman, Brandon and Leigh Anne Corbett, Kenneth and Susan Crago, Bobby and Ann Dasher, Laura Dasher, Jimmy and Pat Dees, Mike and Mary Ann Drumheller, Janie Fink, Diane Fortson, Pearsall and Martha Fouraker, David and Cindy Gallahan, William and Theresa Hall, Wendell and Ann Godbee, Judy Hathcock, Zac Henry, Leamon and Julia Holliday, Bill and Cindy Jackson, Scott and Eva Johnson, Alan and Jan Kimbro, Tom and Merrie Jo Kurrie, Paul and Margaret Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lawrence, Bobby Lester, Lee Container Corp., Phil and Ellice Martin, William and Gloria McMurray, Martin and Laura Miller, Tom and Sue Miller, Hank and Jan Moseley, Bill and Linda Naylor, Claudia Nijem, NOVMS, Charlotte Partin, Vickie Ray, Michael and Joan Roxberry, Gerald and Judith Ryan, Dan and Marti Schert, Scruggs Blending, Andy and Margaret Severin, J.D. Smith, Bill and Cathy Tidmore, John and Patricia Trice, Tina Valenti, Mala Vallotton, and Scott and Susan Wilson


Caryn Alvarado, Dale Clements, Samantha DeMersseman, Jim Godbee, Clay Griner, Judy Hathcock, Shelley Holloway, Maranda Houston, Daniel Kerrigan, Marriott Miller, Casey Music, Dorothy Ofori, John Peeples, Cavan Perry, Tia Sanderlin, Daniel Schert, April Scruggs, Brad Soshnik, Rouse Vallotton.

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