Dual Enrollment

Valwood has partnered with two of our local colleges to offer Valwood seniors the opportunity to dual enroll in college courses taught on our campus. Managed and funded through the Georgia Department of Education, Dual Enrollment allows students to earn credit for college core courses while also satisfying Valwood’s graduation credit requirements.

  • Dual Enrollment courses are FREE.
  • Dual Enrollment courses do NOT factor into the Valwood GPA.
  • Dual Enrollment courses DO factor into HOPE and are awarded the same quality points (+.5) as AP and IB courses in the HOPE GPA calculation.
  • Valwood offers specific courses on our campus, but students may also choose to take other Dual Enrollment courses independently. It is important that you seek prior approval for any courses that you want to take independently if you hope to have them meet our graduation requirements, otherwise they will simply be elective courses.

The following Dual Enrollment courses will be offered on Valwood's campus in 2018-2019, if the college's minimum enrollment target (typically 12) is met:

Valdosta State University Wiregrass Technical College
ENGL 1101* - Advanced Composition (fall) MATH 1111^ - College Algebra (fall)
ENGL 1102* - British Literature (spring) MATH 1113^ - Precalculus (spring)
POLS 1101 - American Government (fall) SOC 1101 - Sociology, elective
ECON 1500 - Microeconomics (spring)  
GEOL 1110 - Our Hazardous Environment (fall)  
HIST 2111/2112 - US History (fall/spring)  

* ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 are paired courses, with successful completion of ENGL 1101 being a prerequisite for ENGL 1102.
^ MATH 1111 and MATH 1113 are paired courses, with successful completion of MATH 1111 being a prerequisite for MATH 1113.


Dual Enrollment is exactly that – enrollment in both Valwood and the college. Students must apply to, be accepted by and then enroll at Valdosta State and/or Wiregrass. Click the link see what it takes to qualify for these courses.