Valwood in the News

Science Olympiad Regional Results

February 27, 2016

The Valwood Science Olympiad team traveled to Gordon State College on February 27, 2016, to compete in the Regional Tournament. Twenty-three team members competed in twenty-three different events, with a record number of freshmen participating and having much success. These freshmen were the first Valwood group to reach high school that also participated in middle school Science Olympiad.

Competing against both public and private schools from Atlanta to Thomasville, Valwood placed third overall out of the fourteen participating teams. All team members received medals and/or ribbons.

The following team members were awarded medals:

1st Place

Protein Modeling – Olivia Cox, Anna Ma, Taylor Sanderlin
It’s About Time – Anna Ma, Collin Vandermark
Wind Power – Anna Ma, William Lester
Disease Detectives – Addy Perlman, Collin Vandermark

3rd Place

Air Trajectory – Kush Patel, Peyton Trancygier
Anatomy & Physiology – Addy Perlman, Collin Vandermark
Astronomy – Gabby Moss, Ashka Patel
Game On – Kush Patel, Jake Smith
Green Generation – Kush Patel, Lucas Papadopoulus
Invasive Species– Taylor Sanderlin, Hope Hathcock
Robot Arm – William Lester, Bailey Everett, Caleb Vandermark
Wright Stuff – Kush Patel, Peyton Trancygier

4th Place

Experimental Design – Carly Eaves, Bailey Everett, Peyton Trancygier
Forensics – Olivia Cox, Bailey Everett
Fossils – Addy Perlman, Taylor Sanderlin
Geologic Mapping – Olivia Cox, Sarah Godwin
Bridge Building – Robert Stark, Cameron Jones
Cell Biology – Erin Moss, Ashka Patel

The following team members were awarded ribbons:

5th Place

Chemistry Lab – Jake Smith, Maggie Smith
Bridge Building – Kush Patel, Peyton Trancygier
Electric Vehicle – Kush Patel, Peyton Trancygier, Caleb Vandermark
Disease Detectives – Erin Moss, Cameron Jones

6th Place

Hydrogeology – Lucas Papadopoulus, Hope Hathcock

8th Place

Anatomy & Physiology – Gabby Moss, Hannah Lindsey
Invasive Species – Cameron Jones, Robert Stark

10th Place

Dynamic Planet – Lucas Papadopoulus, Carly Eaves