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Dance Marathon 2017

March 11, 2017

Dance Marathon Becomes Reality

by: Addy Perlman

Dance Marathon started merely as an idea in 7th grade, and as high school approached, Ms. Vallye Blanton and Dr. Darren Pascavage helped me formulate a plan to carry out my idea. Children’s Miracle Network saved my cousin’s life, and to thank the doctors and the organization that saved her, I wanted Valwood to have a Dance Marathon to help other children like my cousin. My dream would not have turned into a reality without the help ad the support of my peers and of my friends. We all rallied for a cause greater than ourselves.

Our first event exceeded my expectations, and from March 8, 2014 to March 11, 2017, Valwood’s Dance Marathon has grown and has flourished. Together, we have raised over $55,000, and this year, my fourth and final Dance Marathon, my class joined together and exceeded our goal of $20,000. As I bid Dance Marathon and Valwood goodbye, I, along with my classmates, hand Dance Marathon over to the Key Club, which is sponsored by Ashley Henderson and Vallye Blanton, who have been supporters and inspirations. I want to thank everyone, especially my classmates and my executive board (Katherine Godbee, Danielle Dunmon, Isabel Langdale, Katie Waller, Sarah Godwin, Victoria Maxwell, Hank Evans, Taylor Sanderlin, Kate Hanson, and Ellie Stark) for making my dream become a reality. None of it would have been possible without the support of my classmates and of my school. It was just an idea, but now it is a reality.