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Valwood security officer earns certification

February 26, 2021

Officer Les Bunte, Valwood campus safety and security coordinator, was selected for the crisis coordinator program and has completed certification as a crisis coordinator.

The crisis coordinator certification program was “designed to empower crisis coordinators to recognize emerging crisis warning signs and circumstances, to identify the likelihood a circumstance could escalate to a crisis and alert leadership,” school officials said in a statement.

“I am honored to have been chosen to serve Valwood School in this capacity,” Bunte said. “This training will help me continue to keep our students, faculty and staff as safe as possible while on our campus.”

In today’s world, municipalities, counties, government entities, schools and businesses experience critical incidents that can escalate quickly into crises before leadership is aware and can intervene, school officials said.

As a result, Georgia Government and School Associations worked with CrisisRisk to develop the crisis coordinator certification program. The crisis coordinator e-learning training and certification have been designed to familiarize a crisis coordinator in each local government entity with the information needed to recognize, identify, alert and support leadership before, during, and after a crisis, school officials said.

“We are proud that Officer Bunte has completed this certification. We are blessed to have him in charge of safety and security at Valwood School,” said John Davis, head of school. “The safety of the Valwood family is his top priority.”

Bunte is retired from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, where he served for more than 20 years. He has been the coordinator of campus safety and security at Valwood School since 2016.

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