Student Council

Upper School - Student Council

The Upper School Student Council is an organization designed to facilitate relations between the student body and the faculty. The council is composed of four officers and three representatives from each class. Students are elected to the council by their peers. Elections are held during the first weeks of school. Officer candidates are required to deliver a brief speech before the student assembly. While all students in the Upper School vote for the officers, representatives are elected by their class.

The Student Council's most well-known activity is coordinating Homecoming Week and all the festivities that accompany that occasion. The Council also coordinates the Fall Festival, a day of fun and games for all students, their families, and the community. Another important role of the Council is to affect policy change and school improvements. 

In addition to the tangible benefits that the Student Council facilitates, the organization also provides students an opportunity to get involved in student government. Council members are expected to behave as responsible young adults and serve as a bridge between the faculty and the student body as a whole. Serving on the Student Council affords its members a valuable experience.    

Middle School - Student Council

The Middle School Student Council is composed of officers and two representatives elected by each class in grades 6, 7, and 8. These leaders promote community service projects and plan social activities for the Middle School. The Middle School Student Council members assist the Upper School Student Council with the annual Fall Festival.