The Georgia GOAL Program

Georgia GOAL Program and Valwood School

The State of Georgia has created an opportunity for taxpayers to redirect a portion of their Georgia state income taxes to improve educational opportunities in Georgia.  Valwood School is partnering with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, a student scholarship organization established through House Bill 1133 in 2008.

If you owe Georgia taxes, you can receive a tax credit against your Georgia income tax liability for amounts contributed to GOAL. For married couples filing a joint return, the maximum tax credit-eligible contribution is $2500 ($1000 as an individual). For owners of pass-through entities (S-corp, LLC and partnerships) the maximum tax credit-eligible contribution is up to $10,000. C-corps and some trusts can contribute up to 75% of total tax liability. You are not affecting your budget in any way; you are contributing money to GOAL (designated for Valwood) that you were going to pay to the state government in taxes anyway.

How to participate:

Take advantage of the GOAL Paperless Process by filling out the online form found by clicking here.


Send your completed GOAL Scholarship Contribution Form to Valwood at 4380 Old US Highway 41 N, Hahira, Georgia 31632, OR fax your completed form to GOAL at 1-877-478-4625, OR email your completed form to

For more information on GOAL, please follow these links to GOAL Scholarship FAQ and GOAL FAQ for Pass-Through Entities or visit the GOAL Website.