2016-2017 Annual Fund Donor Thank You

2016-2017 Annual Fund Donors
As of June 30, 2017

Thank you to the following parents:

Pre-kindergarten:  Tom and Dina Bell, Preston and Melanie Coile,  Danny and Samantha DeMersseman, Michael and Maggie '02 Ferguson, Andy and Jeanna Ganas, Johnnie and Angela Green, Grant and Rachel Harvey, Brandon and Emily Hathcock, Ashley and Megan Henderson, Brett and Hayley Hester, Adam and Maranda Houston, Travis LaMontagne and Charley Browning, Ryan and Kristi Moorman, Adam and Jenna Murphy, George and Kelly Page, Darren and Andrea Pascavage, Kenny and Manisha Patel, Mike and Katie Roxberry, Daniel '94 and Heather Schert, Wes and Rozie Simpson, Andy '98 and Brittany Stamschror, Adam and Anglea Tucci, Mark and Christine van Weezendonk, James and Jessica Warren, and Matt and Katy '95 White.

Kindergarten:  Brian and Curry Anderson, Preston and Melanie Coile, Anthony and Christie Earle, Tony and Megan Lightfoot, Jimmy and Marriott Miller, Leslie Montgomery, Hernando and Brooke Moreno, Billy and Joanna Nijem, Terry and Shelly Persaud, Scott and Kerri '91 Routsong, Jared and Lizzie Sanders, Brad and Sarah Soshnik, Justin and Haynes Studstill, Will and Lindi Sullivan, Doug and Lexi Swords, Eric and Katherine '94 Trickett, Shawn and Wendy Vandemark, and  Mark and Christine van Weezendork.

First Grade:  Nearing and Sara Adams, Tina Bridges, Tonya Brookhouser, Tripp '97 and Ava Castleberry, Eric and Jessica Castor, Sid Chakraborty and Pam Ghatak, Don and Karen Crump, Howard and Cristie Dasher, Nic '94 and Catherine '94 Daugharty, Lenny and Cheri Davis, J.D. and Kerri Dean, Aubrey and Jie Fowler, Jim and Julie Godbee, Adam and Maranda Houston, Dave and Beth Houtz, Howard Hsu and Tamara Hardesty, Steve and Cathy Johnson, Wright and Stephanie Kimbro, Blake and Anne McLeod, Ryan and Kristi Moorman, Ben and Wendy Neal, James and Laci Rankhorn, Keith Russell and Amy Luechtefeld, Michael and Millie Sopt, and Adam and Angela Tucci.

​​Second Grade:  Freddie and Shayla Bajalia, Jason and Tabitha Barber, Brent and Mariana Brinkley, Daniel and Tara Burgess, Michael and Christy Clark, Brian and Pam Griner, Jon and Paige Grodecki, Jason and Shelley Holloway,  Jimmy and Tori Holmes, Larry and Olesya Kenzel, Kim and Alyson '94 Lerstang, Javon and Dawn Longieliere, Leslie Montgomery, Adam and Jenna Murphy, Samuel and Dorothy Ofori, Terry and Shelly Persaud, Brant and Heather Pickard, Daniel '94 and Heather Schert, Ashley Shapiro, Jason and Katy Shaw, Larry and Dana Simpson, Brad and Sarah Soshnik, James and Jessica Warren, Rebecca Wilburn, and Janet Wilkins.

Third Grade:  Fernando and Caryn Alvarado, Tom and Dina Bell, David and Angela Burnett, Jeremy and Shannah Carlock, Josh and Jenny Carroll, Tripp '97 and Ava Castleberry, Eric and Jessica Castor, Preston and Melanie Coile, Howard and Cristie Dasher, Kristen and Ashley Fielding, Kemp and Mary Carol Greene, Jason and Shelley Holloway, Thompson and Stephanie '95 Kurrie, Kim and Alyson '94 Lerstang, Sheree Macaroni, Rich and Lezlie Marasco, Steve and Christy Musgrove, Ben and Wendy Neal, Justin and Jennifer Price, Ben and Trina Register, Maura Respess '94, Kevin and Gayla Shaw, Justin and Haynes Studstill, Paresh Thanki and Gyanasudha Balki, James '91 and Carly Thomas, Eric and Katherine '94 Trickett, Jason and Suzanne Tyrone, Ryan and Robyn Williams, and Trey and Christie Womack.

Fourth Grade:  Freddie and Shayla Bajalia, Steve and Adrienne Bjorkman, Kevin and Tiffany Bradford, Jeremy and Shannah Carlock, Pat and Karyn Cochran, Alberto and Vera Garcia, Eric and Stephanie Gee, Terry and Leanne Griffin, Jeff and Peggy Hasty, Chris Hiers and Ray Perez, Steve and Cathy Johnson, Steve and Cathy Matchett, Wanda McQuitty, Ashley and Melanie Moorman, Doug and Stephanie Moss, Samuel and Dorothy Ofori, Karl and Ronda Paoletti, Jim Paulk, Trav and Sally Paulk, Terry and Shelly Persaud, Scott and Kerri '91 Routsong, Chip and Tia Sanderlin, Ashley Shapiro, and Eric and Kre Ward.

Fifth Grade:  Tammy Brooks, David and Angela Burnett, Jonathan and Elizabeth Burns, Michael and Christy Clark, Gracie Crane Cocke '02, Jeff and Sonya Collins, John and Tammi Dawson, J.D. and Kerri Dean, James and Latasha Gatlin, Eric and Stephanie Gee, Jim and Julie Godbee, Cindy Gregory, Jason and Shelley Holloway, Howard Hsu and Tamara Hardesty, Chris Hiers and Ray Perez, Kyle and Jennifer Hurwitz, Michael and Nikki Illges, Blake and Anne McLeod, Robert McTier, Casey and Brooke Music, Ben and Trina Register, Jason and Lindsay Scarpate, Jim '89 and Deann Scruggs, Amanda Shapard, Kevin and Gayla Shaw, Max Shute and Jennifer Lambert Shute, Clint Smith, Larry Smith and Charlene Blache, Rodney and Robin Thomas, Trent and Shonie Thomas, Jason and Suzanne Tyrone, Scotty and Charlotte Wainright, and Martin and Andrea Weeks.

Sixth Grade:  Fernando and Caryn Alvarado, Tim and Mindy Bland, Brent and Mariana Brinkley, Steve and Lynn Browning, Mike and Heidi Fafard, Kristen and Ashley Fielding, Kevin and Donna Giddens, Nathan and Joanna Griffin, Keith and Cynthia Harris, Jeff and Peggy Hasty, Dan and Spring Henry, Larry and Olesya Kenzel, Wright and Stephanie Kimbro, John and Crystal LaHood, Tommy and Wendy Miller, Kevin and Shelia Moland, Casey and Brooke Music, Jeremy and Mikki Osha, Ben and Joy Owens, Bipin Patel, Lee and Karen Patrick, Terry and Shelly Persaud, Ashley Shapiro, Ira and Luci Sukoff, Paresh Thanki and Gyanasudha Balki, Rouse and Lynn Vallotton, Julie Williams, and Michael and Kelly Yates.

Seventh Grade:  Paul Alvarado, Jonathan and Elizabeth Burns, Tyler and Karen Carson, Dale and Christi Clements, Pat and Karyn Cochran, Nic '94 and Catherine '94 Daugharty, Shad and Betty Dean, Mike and Dale Gallagher, Roberto and Jenny Garcia, James and Latasha Gatlin, Eric and Stephanie Gee, Kemp and Mary Carol Greene, Jeff and Peggy Hasty, Sheree Macaroni, Chris and Laura '84 Michael, Craig and Mitzi Parrish, Charles and Sara Paulk, Trav and Sally Paulk, Greg and Holly Reid, Maura Respess '94, Jason and Lindsay Scarpate, Billy Tidmore and Jennifer Lawrence, Eric and Kre Ward, James and Jessica Warren, Ryan and Robyn Williams, and Trey and Christie Womack.

Eighth Grade:  Tim and Mindy Bland, Jamie and Ashley Brannen, Greg and April Carter, Eric and Jessica Castor, Michael and Christy Clark, Tom and Barbara Dorl, Brian and Pam Griner, Bubba and Kim Highsmith, Bill and Marie Holland, Michael and Nikki Illges, Wright and Stephanie Kimbro, Michael and Rebecca Kung-Korte, Tripp Lester, Brett and Traycee Martin, Ashley and Melanie Moorman, Travis and Jennifer Norris, Bipin Patel, John '81 and Jane Peeples, Terry and Shelly Persaud, Ray and Lorie Sable, Kevin and Gayla Shaw, Trip and Laura Singletary, Jay and Amy Smith, Drew and Renee Spell, Justin and Haynes Studstill, Trent and Holly Taylor, and Michael and Kelly Yates.

Ninth Grade:   Tonya Brookhouser, Steve and Lynn Browning, Tom and Kelly Call, Tyler and Karen Carson, Lex and Donna Culbreth, John and Tammi Dawson, Mike and Dale Gallagher, Jeff and Peggy Hasty, Dan and Spring Henry, Ward and Julie Holton, John and Crystal LaHood, Bill and Robin McLendon, Greg and Mary Ann Miller, Tommy '88 and Debbie Nijem, Craig and Mitzi Parrish, Charles and Sara Paulk, Trav and Sally Paulk, Chip and Tia Sanderlin, Heath and Joanie Strickland, James and Jessica Warren, Kenneth and Susan White, Kevin and Cynamon Willis, Barry and Candace Witherspoon, and Shane and Wendy Wood.

Tenth Grade:  Brooks and Michelle Akins, Tim and Mindy Bland, James and Carmella Braswell, Jeff and Susie Brown, Joe and Kathi Clifton, Jeff and Tammi Creamer, Rob and Stacy Evans, Paul and Sunny Everett, Bubba and Kim Highsmith, Clint and Beth Joyner, Tripp Lester, Wanda McQuitty, Ashley and Melanie Moorman, Doug and Stephanie Moss, Eric and Tara Moss, Terry and Shelly Persaud, Ray and Lorie Sable, Geadon Smith, Robert Stark and Maria Castellano, Chris and Anita Sweat, James '91 and Carly Thomas, Trent and Shonie Thomas, Shawn and Wendy Vandemark, and David and Cheryl Wolfson.

Eleventh Grade:  Katrina Armstead, Tom and Kelly Call, Joe and Kathi Clifton, Mike and Heidi Fafard, Katrina Gaskin, Nathan and Joanna Griffin, Hugh and Judy Hathcock, John and Crystal LaHood, Angela Lavely, Brett and Traycee Martin, Michael and Ashlee McRae, Greg and Mary Ann Miller, Karl and Ronda Paoletti, Bipin Patel, Trav and Sally Paulk, Chip and Tia Sanderlin, Matt and Maria Smith, and Robert Stark and Maria Castellano.

Twelfth Grade:  Joe and Meghan Barnard, David and Lalee Cregger, Don and Karen Crump, Pramod and Sridevi Dasyam, Tom and Barbara Dorl, Chuck and Suzie Dunmon, Rob and Stacy Evans, Terry and Cindy Faucette, David and Melanie Ferrell, Jim and Julie Godbee, Mike and Jayne Godwin, Jeff and Cathy Hanson, Michael and Beverly Imon, Dave and Stephanie Johnson, Sam and Dawn Jones, Pope and Evelyn Langdale, Debra Martin, Michael and Teresa Maxwell, Steve Miller and Nicole Douglas, Kim and Laura Perlman, Shawn and Wendy Vandemark, Rebecca Wilburn, and Shane and Wendy Wood.

Thank you to the following trustees:  Brooks Akins, James Braswell, Caryn Alvarado, Dale Crane, Lex Culbreth, Jim Godbee, Mike Godwin, Tim Golden, Thompson Gooding '03, Cathy Helms, Bubba Highsmith, Howard Hsu, Laura Michael '84, Greg Miller, Laura Perlman, Maura Respess '94, Tia Sanderlin, Daniel Schert '94, April Scruggs, Katy Shaw, Brad Soshnik, Billy Tidmore, Mala Vallotton, and Kalina Winska.

Thank you to the following faculty and staff:  Ashley Ammons, Wendy Bahnsen, Teresa Bailey, Tabitha Barber, Vallye Blanton, John Bonner, Ashley Brannen, Tammy Brooks, Les Bunte, Angela Burnett, Courtney Carter, Phyllis Childree, Karyn Cochran, Karen Crump, Katelan Kendrick Davis '02, Susanna Dover '00, Laura Elliott, Susan Elliott, Stacy Evans, Fran Fuller, Chad Gallahan '03, Val Gallahan, Jeanna Ganas, Leanne Griffin, Charles Grimes, Julie Guilliams, Rhonda Hamman, Lizbeth Heath, Ashley Henderson, Justin Henderson, Lisa Henry, Cindee Hiers, Katie Houseman, Sally Kurrie, Kim Lerstang, Brittany Luke, Brett Martin, Stacy Minson, Adam Murphy, Debbie Nijem, Joy Owens, Ronda Paoletti, Mitzi Parrish, Darren Pascavage, Heather Pickard, Jennifer Rasmussen, Doni Ray, Kayla Reeves, Trina Register, Dianne Rigoni, Lorie Sable, Stephen Sandbach, Lindsay Scarpate, Marti Schert, Natasha Shaw, Robert Shipman, Kelley Simms, Clint Smith, Andy Stamschror '98, Bobby Stephenson, Heather Shaw Stephenson, Max Stieve, Missy Stubbs, Charlotte Thomas '74, Lynn Vallotton, Dennis Wall, Jessica Warren, Heather Wetherington, Stefan Witner, Robyn Williams, and Kelly Yates.

Thank you to the following grandparents and other friends of the school:  Dr. and Mrs. Romulo Alvarado, Amazon Smile, Bennett-MacNutt Family Giving Fund, Wes and Sandra Cain, Jimmie and Donna Callaway, Shirlee Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Chasteen, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Coleman, Carolyn Eager Coleman, Scott and Dale Crane, Bobby and Ann Dasher, Laura Dasher, Mike and Martha Dover, Janie Fink Doyal, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Drumheller, Eliza Elliott '13, Gavin Faucette '15, David and Cindy Gallahan, Wendell and Ann Godbee, Tim and Ellen Golden, Thompson Gooding '03, Tom and Mary Gooding, Jeff and Cathy Helms, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Henderson, Jack and Lisa Henry, Reynolds Henry '12, Zac Henry '08, E. Cameron and Kathy K. Hickman, Lea and Julia Holliday, Terry and Tish Johnson, Alan and Jan Kimbro, Robert and Maria Kugler, Sally Kurrie, Nick and Patricia Lacey, John and Suzanne '85 Lastinger, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lawrence, George and Martha Lawrence, Bobbie Lester, Amanda Lupo '15, Douglas R. Manning, OBE, Phil and Ellice Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McLendon, William and Gloria McMurray, Microsoft Corporation, Martin and Laura Miller, Tom and Sue Miller, Claudia Nijem, Sherry O'Brien, Emelynn C. Odom, Publix, Dan and Marti Schert, Ferrell and April Scruggs, Peggy Shirley, Monique Sineath, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Smith, Henry and Linda Sparrow, Jim and Teresa Stamschror, Bubba and Charlotte Thomas, Bill and Cathy Tidmore, Harrison Tillman '74, Yasmin Utterback '10, Mala Vallotton, Valwood School 2016-2017 Yearbook Staff, Fred and Rose Ware, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Whilden, Maysoe and LaShandra Wiley, Don and Toni Williams, Scott and Susan Wilson, and Kalina Winska.