Annual Fund

As is the case in the vast majority of independent schools, tuition only covers a portion of the money spent to educate our students. Money raised beyond tuition through the Annual Fund provides the solid financial support necessary to enable us to provide the finest education possible. The Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of a Valwood education. We hope that parents will make Valwood their highest philanthropic priority while their children are students here.

Benefits from the Annual Fund touch every facet of the school's operation from academics to athletics to the arts and enrichment programs. When you give to the Annual Fund you may direct your gift to an area of school operation about which you feel passionate. These categories are explained below:

The School’s Highest Priorities

The traditional Annual Fund gift, contributions to this category will be used to support operational expenses during the year and will help to enhance and sustain services for students as deemed necessary and appropriate by the school’s leadership team.

Academic Programs and the Faculty

Retaining and recruiting top faculty are essential for Valwood’s continued educational excellence. Likewise, maintaining the highest standards for academics is a critical component of the Valwood experience. Your contribution here will ensure the resources to sustain educational excellence at Valwood.

The Arts and Enrichment

Your contributions to this category support student participation in arts and enrichment programs which offer students rich opportunities for artistic expression and academic competition.

Technology and Innovation

Gifts designated to Technology and Innovation will ensure our students are challenged with innovative instructional practices. Your support facilitates student learning in a 21st-century world.


Offering a wide array of opportunities for students, Valwood’s athletic programs teach our student-athletes critical lessons about sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, and discipline each day. Gifts to this category support all athletic programs at the school.

Financial Assistance

A portion of the budget is set aside to provide financial assistance to qualified families. Contributions to this category give a child the opportunity to enroll at Valwood who would otherwise not be able to attend. These students add to the fabric of the student body, enriching the Valwood experience for all students.

The 2018-2019 Annual Fund is underway! No gift is too small and every gift counts! Thank you to all our supporters! 

Giving Levels
  Headmaster's Council:  Gifts of $5,000 and up
  Trustee's Council:  Gifts of $2,000 to $4,999
  Valwood Patron:  Gifts of $1,000 to $1,999
  Valwood Sponsor:  Gifts of $500 to $999
  Valwood Supporter:  Gifts up to $499

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For more information, please contact Jane Peeples at or 229-242-8491.