Alumni Council

Valwood Alumni Council 

The Valwood Alumni Council is comprised of dedicated alumni who share their expertise and enthusiasm throughout the year as they plan alumni events and programs. Chartered in 2015, the goal of the Council is to locate and engage our 850 plus alumni throughout the world. We have succeeded in more than doubling the accurate data for alumni and in conjunction, have increased participation at alumni events. We thank all of these members for their service to the school and to their former classmates and peers!

Valwood Alumni Council Members

Harrison Tillman  (Class of 1974)
Conner Thomson (Class of 1975)
John Peeples  (Class of 1981)
Bill Taylor (Class of 1981)
Laura Ware Michael (Class of 1984)
Bob Goddard  (Class of 1985)
Katherine Mathis Trickett (Class of 1994)
Catherine Hutchinson Daugharty (Class of 1994)
Mendi Ray Griner (Class of 1994)
Alyson Nijem Lerstang  (Class of 1994)
Maura Miller Respess   (Class of 1994)
Molly Roan Ferrier   (Class of 2002)
Chad Gallahan  (Class of 2003)
Thompson Gooding   (Class of 2003)
Caroline Gunn Stephens  (Class of 2005)
Maggie Karras Miller  (Class of 2008)
Sally Turner Querin
Susanna Dover   (Class of 2000) – Valwood Representative
Laura Elliott – Valwood Representative
Courtney Matthews – Valwood Representative