1968 Society


Young Alumni Supporting the Annual Fund

Valwood was chartered in 1968, and in keeping with the school’s rich history of generosity, the 1968 Society has been formed to celebrate gifts to the school by members of the Young Alumni Association who are beginning their tradition of generosity.

Donating to the 1968 Society to support the Annual Fund creates flexible, unrestricted resources for Valwood leadership to spend annually. Many donors give specifically to funds that provide scholarships, academic programs, building needs and much more.  However, these gifts enable the leadership to create financial sustainability for our institution thus not touching tuition dollars or increasing tuition. Increased sustainability only enhances the value of your degree and opportunities for future generations. Every Gift Matters!

Why join the 1968 Society?

  1. Valwood Believes in Itself

Every year, Valwood faculty and staff have a 100% giving rate to the Annual Fund! They believe in the institution they serve and can attest to the quality of education our students receive.

  1. Donors = Diversity

Growing financial needs of our students require more assistance. Any gifts to Valwood help free up funds that can go to helping out students that need it most!

  1. Alumni Programming and School Pride

Valwood has embarked on renewed efforts towards alumni programming. With increased events and participation, Valwood Alumni are showing their pride more than ever! Giving is another way to show your vote of confidence in your school and celebrate future generations!

  1. Financial Impact

Everyone agrees that the “new” campus is spectacular. It was a huge need that was able to be realized with the support and commitment of numerous donors and community partnerships. Valwood continues to be committed to its debt reduction plan which monies from Annual Fund contribute to each year. The long-term goal of debt reduction is working well and prevents increases in tuition.


How Will I be Recognized?

The 1968 Society creates a special and unique opportunity for first-time donors. It is important to showcase your willingness to participate and support your alma mater. Every year that you give to the 1968 Society, your name will be listed in the Valwood Visions annual publication. You will also receive a token of appreciation and you will be included in special events for 1968 Society members.