Affording Valwood

An education from Valwood School requires an investment, and Valwood is committed to working with our families to make our education affordable. We offer a financial assistance program that includes two main categories:

  • Betty Googe Scholarship:
    • An academic merit scholarship which covers 50% of the annual tuition.
    • A separate application is not necessary, but candidates may be asked to submit a writing sample. Once a student applies for admission, their academic record is reviewed for consideration of scholarship.
    • Is open to qualified admission applicants in grades 6-12.
    • Highly competitive, as only two scholarships are awarded per grade level.
    • Scholarship can be retained through graduation as long as the student meets GPA requirements.
    • Family income is not a factor in determining recipients of the Googe scholarship.
  • Need-Based Financial Assistance: 
    • Targets different income levels in an effort to increase affordability for a wide range of families.
    • Requires completion of the FACTS Grant & Aid application prior to the expressed deadline.
    • Requires submission of the first two summary pages of the most recent federal income tax return.
    • Generally covers 25%-70% percent of the tuition. Families are always responsible for a portion of Valwood’s tuition.
    • Is not available for Pre-Kindergarten.  
    • Once awarded, the percentage of the award is unlikely to increase, in subsequent years, unless significant and unexpected financial reversal is demonstrated.
      • While we will make every effort to be helpful in the case of circumstances beyond a family’s control (for example, loss of job or unexpected illness) with a limited financial aid budget, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet the new financial need of these families as no pre-existing budget is set aside for such circumstances.
  • 2019-2020 Tuition Schedule