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Name Title Email
Allen, Peter Teacher Email
Bahnsen, Wendy Teacher Email
Bailey, Teresa Faculty (03) Email
Beal, Bruce Community Coach Email
Beasley, Daryn Faculty Email
Blanton, Vallye Dean of Faculty/Faculty (ENG, SOC, MTH) Email
Bonner, John Outside Sales Email
Brannen, Ashley Faculty (05) Email
Brannen, Rosemary 5th Grade Email
Brooks, Tammy Faculty/Math Academic Coach/AP Coordinator Email
Bunte, Larry Safety Email
Burnett, Angela Faculty (01) Email
Carter, Courtney Faculty/Coach Email
Chambers, Renee Faculty Email
Coronado, Rossana Email
Crump, Karen Faculty (04) Email
Davis, John Head of School Email
Dawkins, Brian Community Coach Email
Dean, Kerri Faculty Email
DelVecchio, Antonio Community Coach Email
Dover, Susanna Development Email
Elliott, Susan Administrative Assistant Email
Gallahan, Chad Middle School Dean/Faculty (MTH, SCI)/Coach Email
Gallahan, Valerie Director of College Guidance Email
Ganas, Jeanna Teacher Email
Glover, Charles Dean Email
Grant, Austin Coach Email
Griffin, Leanne Library Email
Guilliams, Julie Registrar/System Administrator Email
Hankla, Steven Dean Email
Henderson, Jennifer Teacher Email
Henderson, Justin Faculty (MTH)/Coach Email
Hinson, Nina Teacher Email
Houseman, Katie Administrative Assistant Email
Johnson, Stephanie Facilities Manager Email
Martin, Brett Athletic Director Email
Matthews, Courtney Director of Marketing Email
McCarthy-Warren, Jessica Teacher Email
Minson, Stacy Faculty Email
Murphy, James Teacher Email
Nijem, Deborah Faculty (02) Email
Owens, Joy Faculty (SCI/MTH) Email
Parrish, Mitzi Administrative Assistant Email
Peeples, Jane attorney Email
Rasmussen, Jennifer Faculty (02)/Coach Email
Ray, Doni Faculty Email
Register, Trina Faculty (01) Email
Sable, Lorie Faculty (SOC)/Coach Email
Schert, Marti Faculty (MUS) Email
Seyfried, Jessica Faculty Email
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